3 channel installation, DV, color, sound
Duration: 10’41”

“Psychodrama” presents three protagonists who take part in a psychodrama session. Psychodrama is a form of psychotherapy where the protagonist re-enacts or anticipates situations from their own life. Invented by J.L. Moreno at the the beginning of the 20th century, this technique is widely used today in psychotherapy for behavior management trainings, business coaching, etc. Through tools such as therapy sessions and trainings, social science provides knowledge to individuals in order to support them in the exploration of their own interests and helps them navigate social systems. “Psychodrama” deals with the question: to what extent do these therapies and trainings lead to an adjustment of the self within the system, and to what extent do they prevent one from questioning societal structures? By isolating the individual from the group, the individual becomes entangled exclusively in their own story, questioning those close to them, but not the societal structure.

“Psychodrama” is supported by Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, The Netherlands.