2016 – ongoing

Maps, print on paper, dimensions variable

“Land” is an ongoing research project that addresses the ownership of land, and consists of maps of Switzerland that distinguish private, communal, and public property.

In a subsequent iteration, the maps will be linked to the differences in behaviour in regards to the public or private ownership of land. One could say that a rose smells differently in a private garden than in a public garden, that there are two roses: a private rose and a public rose. Whether I am on private or public grounds has an impact on how I move and behave. If I smell only my own roses and never the roses in public parks, does that influence my social view and behavior? And if so, in what way?

“Land” is supported by Mondriaan Fonds.

The maps are made by Ingenieurbüro Wyss and Früh AG with the generous support of Christoph Wyss