Economy News




2 channel installation, HD, color, sound, duration 16’17

A group of people consisting of journalists, economists, and actors analyze economic news during a three-day workshop using different techniques from the Newspaper Theater, one of the earlier techniques from the Theater of Oppressed. Invented by Augusto Boal, the Newspaper Theater intended to bypass, but also to highlight the manipulation and censorship of the news during the dictatorship of the 1960s in Brazil. The work “Economy News” uses these techniques in order to look at the correlation between contemporary economic news and the current Western economic system.

The work intends to enable an alternative and more layered reading of economic news letting abstract language pass through a body and leading one to question and redirect the specific language used in the field of finance and economics.

“Economy News” is produced by the Steirischer Herbst, Austria, supported by Mondriaan Fonds, The Netherlands and Pro Helvetia, Switzerland.